[Custom Transformers] Cosmic Optimus Prime

posted on 18 Jun 2012 14:21 by tb-production in Custom-Transformers
Custom Details:

Heavy modification all over the body with high articulation includes:
- Custom Built forearms
- Custom Built Jetpack with articulating Gas Tanks.
- Custom Built feet with mechanic details and balljoint
- Custom Built Legs with outer heavy armor
- Custom Built Chest/Abs
- Custom Built Torso Armor with balljoint for some articulation
- Custom Build Shoulder Armors
- Articulated Hands (Shapeways)
- Head on Balljoint
- Add-on Plasma Cannon with 5mm. peg to fit with the hands
- 12-13 inches in height.
- Non-transformable

Custom Paintjob all over the body includes:
- Signature Metallic paint
- Custom Painted Flames
- Hand painted Pinstripes
- Realistic Mechanic Effects
- Custom painted with TB-Production's Extensive Signature Shading (TESS)
- Multiple Polishing to give extra-shine effects
- High Quality Finishing to enhance and protect all the details

Custom Transformers: Cosmic Optimus Prime by TB-Production




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